Programs & Services

Nutrition & Grow Well

The Anyinginyi community nutrition program aims to create an environment that supports good health.

The dietician sits within the Public Health Section and focuses on the prevention of disease with health promotion initiatives that target healthy eating and empower community members to make better food choices and take control of their own health.

The nutrition services provided in Tennant Creek are constantly evolving to adapt to the needs and requests of community members and organisations.

The program includes attendance at large health promotion events that spread messages of good health to whole communities, nutrition education and cooking workshops with various community groups and schools, as well as individual consults with clients referred from the health clinic.

In addition to the predominantly town-based initiatives, the dietician also visits remote Aboriginal communities on a regular basis.

Together with the rest of the team at Anyinginyi, the dietician endeavours to provide holistic care and build the capacity of the community to make healthy lifestyle choices.