Programs & Services

Stronger Families

Piliyintinji-ki Stronger Families (PSF) provides culturally appropriate services for men, women and families of the Tennant Creek Region.

Piliyintinji-ki is Waramungu for "to make something better, to cure or make something good". Piliyintinji-ki is not only the name of the section but also determines how we provide services to our people.We provide a wide range of services for community members to assist with:

  • Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Provides access to wide range of services for community members to assist with substance misuse and work collaboratively within the Tennant Creek Region with other service providers.

The services provided will include culturally appropriate services for men/women and children of the Tennant Creek Region and delivered in a holistic manner. The delivery will include promotion and prevention initiatives that are fundamental to improving Aboriginal physical, social and emotional health status.

  • Cultural Activities
  • Bush Tucker/Medicines
  • Nutrition
  • Specialist Education Sessions (diabetes, nutrition, psychology, healthy lifestyle, Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder etc)
  • Social Support Program
  • Holistic Sexual Health Program

Bringing Them Home (Stolen Generation)

  • Work to address the needs of the individual and support families experiencing emotional and social well being problems associated with trauma and grief, forced separation of children from their families, family violence and suicide.
  • PSF also works in partnership with other Link Up Services, Central Australia Stolen Generations, CAAC.  

Family Violence

  • Assisting to reduce the level of family violence and child abuse in the Tennant Creek community by capacity building communities, families and individuals in addressing these issues. This is done by providing counselling, education on issues, self help measures, monitoring and case management by counselors and Community Support Workers

Intensive Family Support Services

  • Provision of a preventative and early intervention family support services, focusing on family relationships, parenting and family law services to help navigate life’s transitions and to help families who are vulnerable to poor outcomes to build their resources and capabilities to enable more positive family functioning.

 Counselling Services

  • The counselling services are a part of the solution and we provide a Capacity Building Timetable for the Men’s and Women’s Centres, that value add to our clients needs and capacity building for their daily lives. The timetable includes:

PSF is also involved in organising many national events, below is an overview of the main events. PSF is open from  Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm.