Public Health Unit

Kalpa Purru Wirranjarlki (Public Health)

The Public Health Unit delivers preventative and educational programs across a broad spectrum of health areas. Our aim is to enable people of the Barkly Region to have control over their own health, through raising awareness of health issues, health promotion and health education, specific program health checks and screening, and responding to public health issues. Our approach is to “make the healthy choice the easy choice”.

The health areas that we are focusing on currently include:

• Skin health
• Alcohol use in pregnancy
• Trachoma
• Eye Health
• Youth health
• Tackling Smoking
• Addressing public health issues that arise
• Promotional Events
• Women’s and men’s Health
• Diabetes Education
• Data & Research Collation

We work in partnership with other AHAC sections and other agencies in the Barkly Region and beyond to deliver these services.

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Public Health is open from 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

Please see below for an overview of our programs.

Programs & Services

Eye Health

Anyinginyi has the only Eye Program for the Barkly region, including all major communities and the North Barkly. The program means that all people (Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal) may access the Optometrist and the Eye Specialist. This program is in the unique position of coordinating and running all visits by the Optometrist and Eye Specialist, including the surgical visits.


Trachoma is an infection of the upper inner lining of the eyelid, caused by the bacteria chlamydia trachomatis. Acute infections occur more commonly in young children, and repeated untreated infections in childhood can lead to blindness in older adults. It is caused by inadequate housing, overcrowding, poor hygiene, dusty conditions and can be spread by touch, flies and sharing towels.

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Project

Given one year of funding, the Anyinginyi FASD Project got underway in September, 2011, with the employment of a Co-ordinator. Subsequently, a local Aboriginal Project Officer began work in November, 2011.

Public Health Nurse

The role of the Public Health Nurse is to develop and deliver culturally appropriate and accessible preventative health programs for people of the Barkly Region, through working with community members to identify any health issues that are of concern, and work with the community to develop solutions.

Tackling Smoking and Healthy Lifestyle’ Workforce Program

In 2010, Minister for Indigenous Health, Warren Snowdon, launched a new workforce to help reduce smoking and help improve nutrition and physical activity in Indigenous communities across the country. The new workforce has been rolled out in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and the ACT. The Tackling Smoking and Healthy Lifestyle Workforce will grow as it’s rolled out nationally over three years, increasing from 82 positions in 20 regions to 340 positions in 57 regions.