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Health Services

With better quality indicators our Health Services support good health and wellbeing across the life course.

The different stage of life provide strategic points of intersection between health, mental health and social and emotional wellbeing and provide a patient-centred platform for Anyinginyi to plan and deliver better coordinated and focused programs. The different life stages also provide an opportunity to focus on specific health priorities and reduce health inequalities at the point at which they are most likely to occur. 

We operate in a region with high burden of disease and complex needs arising from the problems associated with disadvantage and social inequality. This exemplifies the importance of the role that Health Services play as an instrument wielded by Aboriginal communities in order to address these issues.  

Our Health Services take a rights based approach to providing equal opportunities for health by ensuring availability, accessibility, acceptability and quality health services. A rights aware approach is not necessarily about more services, but about better service through better informed policy, practice and service delivery decisions. For instance, the increased employment of Aboriginal Health Workers has empowered Aboriginal people to participate in all levels of their health and care decision making. 

Recruitment and retention of a well trained and rural-ready workforce are key requirements of sustainable and effective primary healthcare services in remote communities. Our health services have a well resourced, adequately staffed multi-disciplinary team that delivers quality care to Aboriginal clients with complex needs. 

We have effectively addressed cultural safety issues through appropriate clinic design and use, provision of services in a way that respects local cultural practices, employment of and respect for local Aboriginal staff and use of appropriate communication styles. 

Continuing management of chronic illnesses remains a critical area for action. Screening is integrated into regular health checks across the life course and is now delivered in a planned way for particular risks and is supported through specialist nursing portfolios. The Chronic Care and Supplementary Services Program continues to develop and implement chronic disease management plans and provide support for self care approaches.