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Continuous Quality Improvement

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) asks, “How can we do this better?”

For ourselves Anyinginyi staff would want health care like this:

  • Care that is specialised and effective
  • Care is culturally safe and appropriate
  • Care is organised and followed through, using flexible and lateral approaches
  • Care is multi-disciplinary – using other services, agencies and organisations
  • Care includes health promotion and education
  • Care provided by the right person, who has appropriate skills
  • Care provided by a workforce that is stable and adequate
  • Practitioners take time to listen to clients and speak the same language
  • Clients are treated with empathy, dignity and respect

The Anyinginyi CQI Program follows the AMSANT, of the CQI NT wide program CQI principles, framework and elements. Every staff member is responsible for continuous quality improvement, and together we are committed to best practice for our clients, through a safe and quality health service. Quality improvement depends on knowing and working towards appropriate high standards of care. We look for gaps in the care we provide, to ensure we are working towards comprehensive care. We are always aspiring to provide better care. 

Communicare is the computerised clinical information system at Anyinginyi. All health records are in Communicare, and we can extract information from Communicare about our clients and our service. This way we can monitor how well we are providing care, and improvements in health outcomes. We can improve health information by using MYeHealth Record, which enables us to share health records among providers across different electronic systems.

Aboriginal Health Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a set of indicators to show how good primary health care is for Aboriginal people across NT. Every 6 months we review and analyse how well we are doing in relation to the KPIs. We are continuously monitoring our data for accuracy and integrity to ensure that it is a true reflection of the delivery of health care and our community’s health outcomes.

Incident reporting records when things go wrong (an incident), or nearly go wrong (near miss). After an incident or near miss is reported we can investigate what went wrong or was about to go wrong. Then we ask, “What can be done to prevent it happening again?” This enables us to ensure things do not go wrong again because we can learn from the experience, and improve our systems and processes.

Our Suggestion Box encourages clients and others to have their own say about our service.

Much needs to be done, but we are committed to providing a high quality service. CQI is part of all our work. Everyone who sees an opportunity for improvements should tell their Section Manager, Clinical Director or CQI Facilitator.