Programs & Services

Corporate Services

At all times in the creation or review of our services three leading government policies are taken into consideration, the principals and actions towards Closing the Gap, the Northern Territory Key Performance Indicators and the Commonwealth Key Performance Indicators.

2015/2016 saw continued capital expansion investment and a greater concentration on internalised systems and information technology improvements. 

These recommendations are from two key leadership continuous quality improvement activities; the Organisational Health Check and audits of ISO QMSon operations and cultural standards. We have been quite excited at the future of improvements and much has been learned on turning expected client standards into written and behavioural actions. 

Anyinginyi Health's own Strategic Plan guides the direction and performance areas of the organisation.

Priority1: Cultural responsiveness & community engagement

We will listen to the community and always seek to respond to their needs in a way that is responsive to their culture and respectful of the way they live their lives.

Outcomes: Feedback from the community, Traditional cultural practices, Cultural orientation and awareness, Cultural Competence Group. 

Priority 2: Strong governance and leadership

We will continue to build upon our strong reputation as a professional, well managed organisation.

Outcomes: Supporting our Board, strong leadership, Sound finances, Effective reporting.

Priority 3: High quality, holistic primary health care

We will offer high quality services across the Barkly Region to support our clients' physical and emotional health and well-being in a way that supports them to take responsibility for their own health.

Outcomes: High quality health staff, Outreach services, Individual and family responsibility. 

Priority 4: Opportunity for our staff and the community

We will support all our staff to be the best they can be, including through providing employment for Aboriginal people and supporting them to be leaders within our organisation. 

Outcomes: Training, supporting and developing our staff, providing employment opportunities for community members and Aboriginal staff.  

Priority 5: Partnerships and advocacy

We recognise that we cannot 'Close the Gap' by ourselves, so we will continue to build strong and effective partnerships with other organisations and to speak out for the health of the communities of the Barkly region.

Outcomes: A voice for the community, Building relationships with other organisations, Partnering with philanthropic organisations. 

Priority 6: Innovation

We are willing to try new ways of delivering our services and running our organisation to meet the health and well-being needs of the community we serve seeking new ways to make a difference. 

We have continued to meet our goals of Aboriginal employed staff and local economy investment.

With support the Anyinginyi Board has approved the refurbishment of two properties to be established as the Men's Health Clinic and new Public Health.