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Anyinginyi is a Community Controlled Aboriginal Health Organisation which is governed by a Board of Directors that are voted in by members of the organisation.

The Board of Directors provide strategic direction for the Leadership Team and give a voice to all resident in the Barkly region to ensure the highest quality of primary health care is provided. Anyinginyi's day to day operations are managed by a Leadership Team with many varying qualifications and experiences.

Pat Braun | Chairperson

Pat has served as a Director of the Anyinginyi Board for the past nine years straight. Pat was born in Tennant Creek, her mother a Warumungu woman and her father an Arrernte man. 

Pat comes to the Board with 30 years of experience as a health worker for the Department of Health. Pat became a Director to give her community a voice, to represent her people and be involved in community events.

A good Leader is one who can lead and direct without misuse of their power. They must be able to inspire others in a direction on greater good.

Deputy Chairperson | Marnji Napanangka-Napangardi James

Marnji is a Warlpiri woman originally from Ali Curung and living at Elliott, representing Elliott and Marlinja on the Anyinginyi Board of Directors. Marnji’s traditional country is Ngarnarlkurru, near the Lander River in the Tanami Desert area.

Marnji has represented her community on the Anyinginyi Board since 2004 and brings a wealth of community knowledge. Marnji has extensive experience in the health sector, working as an Aboriginal Health Practitioner for over 30 years.

Being a leader is one’s ability to lead the way forward. Being a voice for all whom they represent, ensuring that decision-making is precise in all areas within our organisation, always doing what is best culturally and politically for our people.

Treasurer | Joyce Taylor

A member of the Anyinginyi Board from 2014/15, with prior elected terms with Anyinginyi, Joyce comes to the Board with many years of experience in health and Aboriginal Community representation.

Joyce stands for health improvements in the area of education of clients about their sickness and how and why medication is important.

Leadership is about being strong in the things you believe in, participating in the decision-making, supporting your peers and being a true voice for those that you represent.

Secretary | William Walker

William was appointed as an Anyinginyi Board member in 2014. William is committed to the health and wellbeing of the local people in the Barkly Region. William, who is part of the Stolen Generation, came to Tennant Creek in 2008 to meet his Grandfather’s people. William’s Grandfather and his sisters were taken from the Barkly Region and taken to Cherbourg in QLD, and were never able to return to the Northern Territory.

William brings to the Anyinginyi management board 15 years of experience working in the Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) sector in Victoria, New South Wales and the Northern Territory. For the past seven years, William has been employed as the BRADAAG Residential Rehab and Outreach Program Manager.

Leadership to me is about taking control of our future and be willing to take on the challenges that may try to stop us from achieving our goals.

It’s also about being, trustworthy and accepting responsibility for our actions, be solution-focused to all problem and not depend on other people to solve problems for us.

Be open to other ideas to learn from their mistakes, listen to what’s going on around us, whether be family, community, or politically and we must always be upfront, honest and accountable for everything we do.

Director | Duane Fraser 

Duane is a Bidjarra man and was born in Winton, Queensland but has been living in the Barkly for the majority of his life. He has been on the Anyinginyi Board for the past eight years and has been heavily involved with community development, including being a major driver of NAIDOC Week events and involvement in the Barkly AFL.

Duane is currently employed as the Indigenous Engagement Officer for Indigenous Coordination Centre. Duane has also previous worked as the Coordinator for Anyinginyi’s Piliyintinji-Ki Men’s Centre and for the Council of Elders and Respected People (CERP).

Leadership is Leaders leading for a common cause, always placing the interest of the people, their community they lead and the interest of their organisation, before their own.

Director | Noel Hayes

Noel is a Kaytetye man living in Ali Curung Community and has been involved with the Anyinginyi Board since 2009.

Noel has held numerous governance and positions of authority in both Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal structures and is an active advocate for his community.

Noel is very supportive of the regionalisation process and actively involved in regionalisation throughout the Barkly Region.

Strong leadership means to lead by example in all that you do, hold fast to your integrity, have 100% commitment to Committees that you have been elected to and always speak up strong for those that you represent.

Director | DS

DS is a Warumungu and Warlmanpa woman. DS was elected to the Anyinginyi Board at the 2014 Annual General Meeting.

DS speaks her traditional languages and also speaks Alyawarre and Warlpiri languages.

DS is a member of other local organisations and involved with community groups including; Julalikari Aboriginal Corporation, the Patta Group and the CLC Ranger program.

DS is passionate about youth affairs and advocates strongly on their behalf for a better future.

Growing up I spent all my time with old people who taught me the right ways, culturally and how to be a strong leader. Part of being a leader is passing on that knowledge, so that our family can have it forever. Practising our culture and having cultural knowledge keeps Wumpurrarni people healthy and strong.

Director | Kade Green

Kade was born and bred in Tennant Creek and is a Warlmanpa man. Kade is one of Tennant Creek’s young and aspiring young leaders.

Kade completed the Human Rights Course with the University of New South Wales, graduating in September 2015. Doing this course inspired Kade to become an advocate of Aboriginal people’s rights and to speak up strong about young people in the Barkly Region. 

Leadership is responsibility. I am responsible to strive to be a better me, as I know that young people are looking to me for support and guidance. And I take my part in being there for them seriously.

Director | Sean Bahr-Kelly

Sean grew up in Tennant Creek and is a Warumungu man.

Tennant Creek is Sean’s hometown. Sean is involved in community, and is committed to Tennant Creek and feels privileged to be a position to influence young people and the community for the better.

Sean currently works for Barkly Regional Arts as Media Mob Coordinator. Sean is passionate about working in media as it enables him to contribute positive messaging for Tennant Creek. Sean feels fortunate that his work takes him to surrounding Barkly communities. 

Sean is excited about being a Board member of Anyinginyi. 

Sean likes to help others and remains humble about his achievements and likens his thoughts on leadership to that of Jim Rohn; "A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even better"