About Us


ANYINGINYI was created in 1984, our Rule Book then and now focused on our central objective to relieve the poverty, sickness, disempowerment, serious social and economic disadvantage, and dysfunction that affects the Aboriginal population of the Region.

In 2003 we changed our name from Anyinginyi Congress Aboriginal Corporation to Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation to create our own distinctive identity, that year also saw the people from the North Barkly Zone ask for Anyinginyi to auspice their health service funding; we also were asked more and more by departments and communities to provide various regional programs in primary health care, health education and health infrastructure; most known were North Barkly Primary Health Care Program providing GPs to our remote North communities and the Grow Well program for the South Barkly.

Since 2003 Anyinginyi has continued to provide nine (9) other regional wide based programs for communities throughout the Barkly so in effect we became a regional service provider no longer just Tennant Creek Based providing services such as Maternal Health, Eye Health, Substance Misuse, Mental Health Counselling, Dental, Health Promotion, Physical Health, Allied Health, and Bush Mobile to 11 communities.

With providing regional health services and the new Commonwealth Act change the Anyinginyi Rule Book was updated to reflect this and it has been a positive change for Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation.

The Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation Board of Directors decided a new way of governance and stability in regional funding was needed and as such created a discussion paper on how health services for the Barkly Region could be developed, the most important thought was how services could be improved and better coordinated between Anyinginyi and NT Dept of Health.  At the same time all Australia Wide Organisations were asked to update their constitutions to enact the new Corporation (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act (CATSI Act) In May 2009 a Special General Meeting was held in Tennant Creek, those present members voted:

  •  to expand our service boundaries to be reflective of the Barkly Shire and take on a regional service role
  •  to accept the requirements of the new Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act (CATSI) and functions under those requirements
  •  to change to elected arm structure for regional governance
  •  to change the eligibility to be a director as required under the Act.

In November 2009 a round of consultations and a Regional Community Forum was held and it was clear that Aboriginal people living in the Barkly wanted an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation to provide the health care services.

An independent consultant, John Tregenza, was engaged who reported that there was general acceptance in the Barkly that Anyinginyi should be the future regional provider and recommended that we proceed accordingly. Despite the above, things reached a head in 2010 when the Anyinginyi position was now it was time to make a selection on the future provider however the Dept. of Health position was that a fresh round of consulting on governance needed to take place, despite communities clearly communicating to AHAC “don’t send consultants, just improve services.”

The decision was made in September 2010 that Anyinginyi would be the sole service provider of Primary Health Care and we are currently working towards progressing this.

In 2007 Anyinginyi received funding to build a brand new, state of the art Health Centre and this was officially opened by Warren Snowdon in April 2010. The new Health Centre has increased our client numbers by over 50%.

Earlier this year we refurbished the former health centre, known as the Allied Health Centre, and Anyinginyi is now able to provide more services to more clients.

We are now providing services to over 7,500 people in a 301, 007 square km area.

The main area of increase shall occur in Primary Health Care education with the expansion of the Public Health Section with concentrated programs such as Healthy 4 Life change from birth, smoking, healthy living and active life.

Significant Events 

  • 1984 Anyinginyi Congress Aboriginal Corporation opened
  • 2006 Paul Memmot report for Family and Community Violence in the Yapakurlangu Region (report can be found in news and media)
  • 2009 Building began on the new state of the art Health Centre
  • 2010 Opening of the new Health Centre
  • 2010 ANYINGINYI Health Aborigonal Corporation crowned sole service provider of primary health care in Barkly Region