About Us


Corporate Governance is how we the Board lead and run our organisation, this is the responsibility of the Board as a group.

The Board performs its duties with the support of management and staff, in line with the constitution objectives, member’s consultations and relevant Commonwealth and Territory laws. We recognise Culture is intrinsic to achieving health education and change in Aboriginal people. It is with this foremost thought we aim to operate within a Cultural Framework that automatically supports a cultural environment.

The Anyinginyi Board aims to:

  • Embed Cultural Responsiveness and behaviours into operational and employee functions;
  • Have clear objectives and functions understood by members;
  • The need for the directors to be equally representative of various interest groups, balanced with other requirements for skills and independence;
  • Transparency in structure and decision making;
  • Evidenced based goals and strategies for the corporation resources investment responsive to community need and advocacy.

These aims are a summary but not limited to the many other duties and obligations us as Directors are responsible for.

An important and imperative understanding required is the direction of Commonwealth and Northern Territory Governments in National and Territory Policy direction. These policies direct future funding investment for local programs and activities. Two key Commonwealth Government policies for Aboriginal Medical Services are Closing the Gap and both the Commonwealth and Northern Territory Indigenous Health Key Performance Indicators.

Closing the Gap is a strategy that aims to reduce Indigenous disadvantage with respect to life expectancy, child mortality, access to early childhood education, educational achievement, and employment outcomes. 

Endorsed by the Australian Government in March 2008,Closing the gap is a formal commitment developed in response to the call of the Social Justice Report 2005 [1] to achieve Indigenous health equality within 25 years.

To monitor change, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) has set measurable targets to monitor improvements in the health and well-being of the Indigenous population. These targets focus on:

  • Health
  • Housing
  • Early childhood
  • Education
  • Economic participation
  • And remote service delivery.

The achievement of substantial improvements in the health and well-being of Indigenous people will depend largely on the effective implementation of these targets as they reflect some of the substantial disadvantages experienced by Indigenous people.

The time frames for the Closing the gap targets recognise the enormity of the challenge facing governments and the nation in that effective, integrated comprehensive strategies and policies will need to be sustained for a long time - improvements to the extent set in the various targets will not occur in the short-term.